Stop! Kareena Kapoor Reveals Her Beauty Rituals And Hair Care Secrets – NDTV

Kareena Kapoor is a true beauty queen, who of course is the centre of attention everywhere she goes. Moving beyond the frame of cinematic arts, Kareena Kapoor has been an absolute inspiration for her oh-so-glam fashion and beauty moments. Standing the test of time and giving out a positive message with everything that she does, the star is an absolute trendsetter. Apart from swooning us with her glamorous red carpet looks and off-duty ensembles, her ethereal glow and picture-perfect iridescent skin are hard to miss too. Whether you are a ’90s kid or not, her character Poo from Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham is still close to our hearts and has given us ultimate fashion and beauty moments to bookmark.

Kareena Kapoor has always given out the perception of being comfortable in her own skin. A bundle of selfies from the actress on social media and we can’t help but wonder what could be her secret to that perfect glow. Well, we caught up with the star to learn all about her beauty regimen, winter skincare hacks and much more! One secret at a time, let’s unwrap!

NDTV Swirlster: How would you describe your haircare routine?

Kareena Kapoor: My hair care routine includes a deep oil massage once in a while. I shampoo and condition my hair every 2-3 days, incorporating the St Botanica Hair Mask in my routine regularly. I’m a big believer in nature-inspired home remedies to nourish hair, which is why working with St Botanica has been such a good fit, as they are inspired by nature and elevated by science.

NDTV Swirlster: What is one advice you would give every beauty enthusiast to keep their skin in check always?

Kareena Kapoor: I would really stress the importance of using sun protection whenever you go out to protect your skin from sun damage as it is extremely essential.


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